Tiefling Monk/Warlock


Lean and muscular, Juniper cuts an imposing figure even at her rather average height of 5’7. This is thanks to all the features that mark her Infernal heritage: cayenne-red skin, solid black eyes, and a long pair of horns that jut straight out from her forehead before arcing upwards into graceful points. Her long, black-purple hair is worn in a thick braid down her back.

She wears loose, flowing clothing; it’s modest, but does little to hide the wiry musculature of her body. The neutral-coloured garments are sleeveless, but she wraps her arms in protective strips of fabric from her palms to her biceps. She also carries very little with her: a small pack, some pouches on her leather belt, and a quarterstaff. A long, whiplike tail protrudes from the base of her spine, coiling and lashing near her soft boots when she’s distressed.


To this day Juniper doesn’t know whether her parents died or abandoned her and her older brothers, but she rarely pays it much mind. Her earliest memories are of the monastery where the three of them were raised. She has trained in unarmed combat since she was very small, her days divided between disciplined drills, quiet contemplation, and studying the philosophies of Shar.

While dutifully recording the contents of an old storage room at the monastery, she came across a dusty, forgotten old book. As soon as she touched it she felt it calling to her, and as if in a dream she opened it and began to skim through pages covered in text she couldn’t begin to understand. In so doing, she locked herself into a pact with an extraplanar being that even she cannot name and does not quite understand, but she does know that it has bestowed her with magic to augment her physical skills. She is still waiting to learn if these gifts will come at a price.

The structure and rigidity of the Order of the Dark Moon is all Juniper has ever known, and thus these elements are quite comforting to her. As she has grown older, she has occasionally been sent away from the monastery on various tasks for the order. Even now, away from her home, she adheres as best she can to her familiar daily rituals, including quiet meditation and focused practice of various katas.

Her brush with the unknown has instilled her with an almost uncontrollable curious streak, a hunger to learn more. On a recent Order-sanctioned outing, Juniper was sidetracked when she spotted some old ruins in the hills and felt a familiar compulsion to investigate. While exploring, the floor gave way beneath her feet. When she came to, she was being hauled away to a drow work camp in the Underdark.


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