Tag: deceased


  • JimJam

    JimJam is a Deep Gnome. He was one of the prisoners to escape the Drow at [[Velkynvelve | Velkynvelve]]. During the first night on the run, JimJam was murdered - his throat slit precisely. His body was discovered in the morning by [[:nyx-mizzin | Nyx …

  • Topsy and Turvy

    This pair of sibling deep gnomes were among the prisoners to escape [[Velkynvelve | Velkynvelve]]. While visi8ting the Qua Toa city of [[Sloobludop | Sloobludop]], Topsy was found dead. Turvy was destraught and mistrustful of [[:nyx-mizzin | Nyx Mizzin …

  • Sarith

    Sarith is a Drow who betrayed his people, murdering his troop. He proved himself a valuable ally and capable warrior. Unfortunately he was overcome by the effects of spores and felt urged to go to [[Neverlight Grove | Neverlight Grove]] for safety. …

  • Spiderbait and Yuk Yuk

    Spiderbait and Yuk Yuk are two goblins who agreed to guide the party across the web highway and to the dark lake. They proved to be jovial and loyal friends of the party. While exploring a tomb they were killed by a wight.