Nyx Mizzin

Gnome Illusionist Thief


Nyx Mizzin is a rock gnome. She is tall for her kind, standing at 4’1" and weighs about 38 lbs.

As with others of her kind, Nyx looks exceedingly youthful despite her advanced age of 106.


Nyx Mizzin is a thief and an illusionist who loves to create clockwork devices to help distract and steal.

She ended up in this predicament while doing just that. She had stolen a diamond from some humans and rather than getting over it, the tall ones decided to hunt her!

She correctly thought the humans were too tall and oafish to follow her when she crawled into a cavern. Unfortunately that proved a mistake: Nyx fell and when she came to, she was prisoner of the Drow at Velkynvelve in the Underdark.

With the help of Juniper and others, Nyx escaped the prison. The first night on the run, Nyx suffered terrible nightmares – visions of tentacles and webbing tormented her.

While continuing their journey, Nyx and the others were accosted by tentacle monsters while on the web highway across a chasm. Nyx put the creatures to sleep and ran.

While on the way across the web highway, Nyx negotiated with two goblins to guide them to the dark lake.

On the other end of the chasm, a beholder accused Nyx of being a demon and chased her. She was able to create mirror images of herself and trick the beholder into following the illusion onto the web highway. Then, Juniper set fire to the webbing, disabling the path across the chasm.

Nyx and Eldeth helped a halfing woman escape imprisonment by the spiders. While they were making passage with the others across the dark lake via mushroom raft, Nyx agreed to assist the treasure hunting halfling locate a long forgotten tomb, on the promise of untold riches and mysteries revealed.

Nyx was witness to the rising of Demogorgon and the razing of Sloobludop. She and the party escaped the horror and fled. Fargas identified the tomb she and Nyx were so excited to see. When they explored the tomb, they were attacked by a wraith who killed several of Nyx’ friends. Ultimately, the wraith escaped and Juniper found a talking sword and gave it to Nyx.

Dawnbringer, as the sword is called, is a powerful weapon that Nyx banters with.

Nyx was present when the party returned stool to their people. She helped put an end to the garden of welcome and was witness to the wedding of another abyssal lord. Twice now they fled the coming of doom, this time with innocent mushrooms.

Nyx Mizzin

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